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This season has started off not only with the blessing of beautiful Fall weather; the breathtaking myriad of color drenched leaves – but also… the incredible blessing of the new and familiar faces of the New World Chorus.  We welcomed several new members from the area and beyond!  What a joy!

Now is the time when we meditate on the meaning of ‘gratitude’.  It is inside this context that the NWC, our choir directors and I roll up our sleeves and work together to create a special experience for the community.  While we are learning the music, there is a bond that is shared .  We grow together, we open our hearts together, and we share this blessing of love with others.  Our vision continues to lead us into a new year – filled with hope and anything possible – “One World, One Voice, United in Love”.

Here’s to an amazing holiday season and an inspiring 3rd year ahead…

Peace and Love, Beth