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What is “Multifaith”?

The New World Chorus is a “Multifaith” choir, meaning the chorus is made up of people from diverse faith traditions.  Our “Multifaith” choir includes people who celebrate life and spirit in many ways and attend many different houses of worship including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian Universalist, Bahai, Buddhist, Mormon, etc.. It is important to note as well, that one does not have to be affiliated with any faith to join.

What kind of music does the choir sing?

We describe our repertoire as “Contemporary Spiritual Music”.  Many of our songs are original with a blend of styles including contemporary, Gospel, Hebrew, Jazz, Folk Rock, Middle Eastern and Choral.  We also perform inspiring arrangements of traditional and global pieces.  The intention of all our music and lyrics, is to shine a light on how we share the same hopes and dreams for a world filled with peace, love and compassion for all.

Is the New World Chorus a religion, or a religious group?

No.  The New World Chorus is a choir.  However, the nature of our music is spiritual (to be interpreted by each individual) and intended to inspire love, joy and gratitude and bring us together.

Is the New World Chorus a non-for-profit organization?

No.  At this time the New World Chorus is a DBA under the leadership of Beth Styles (founder/composer/director).

Do you have to be a professional singer to join the choir?

No.  Anyone can join the choir.  We do ask that you be able to carry a tune 🙂

What kind of commitment is required to join the New World Chorus?

Members of the New World Chorus are required to attend at least 8 out of the 10 rehearsal sessions.  If there are special circumstances, such as an important family event, or an emergency, choir members are responsible for being in communication with the Music Director as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Why are there choir dues? What if I can’t afford it?

Choir dues are necessary to help make all our wonderful events happen.  All dues and contributions are collected to support the work, musicianship, artistry, leadership and business demands for running a community choir.

That said, we do NOT turn anyone away from the New World Chorus because of financial hardship!!  If anyone who wants to join the choir is not currently in a position to pay dues because of financial hardship, you are still welcome to join the NWC! Please contact the Music Director on the CONTACT page with your confidential request.  Members can arrange a personal payment plan. In addition, we are proud to have a choir generated “Mitzvah Fund” (Mitzvah = good deed :)) where people who are able, contribute a little extra so others in our community can participate with integrity.  This is an honor system based on a common bond of trust we share in the NWC.

Is there an age requirement to join the New World Chorus?

There is no age requirement to join the NWC!  All are welcome who are able to carry a tune and make the commitment… Yay!

Do you have to live in Stamford to join the choir?

No.  The choir is based in Stamford, but all are welcome from anywhere on the map!

Is there another way to participate with the New World Chorus aside from singing?

YES!  You can make difference by volunteering to work on our Event Team.  Please use the CONTACT form to let us know how you would like to participate.  Thank you!