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ABOUT US[frame_left src=”” href=””][/frame_left]The New World Chorus (NWC) is a Stamford CT based community choir combining voices of diverse backgrounds, spiritual paths and walks of life.  ALL people from every faith, race, culture, age, sexual orientation and gender identification are welcome. [divider]

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The New World Chorus powerfully brings to life 
the profound connection we share as human beings. 
Our vision of “One World, One Voice, United in Love”,
springs forth a global expression of the human spirit,
including and honoring ALL people, spiritual paths, individual quests and dreams.
With awe and gratitude we celebrate the opportunity and privilege it is 
to inspire, give hope, spread joy, provide healing and move souls through song.
Our music says anything is possible and speaks to the heart of this vision; Love.  [divider] 
 [frame_left src=”” href=”][/frame_left]  Everyone is welcome to join the chorus! You do not have to be a professional singer or read music. However, we do ask that you be able to carry a tune :).  The NWC performs year round and takes breaks in between seasons.  Click Here for the current schedule.